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!!! 14.10. 9:00 come to the secretary Celetná 20/309 to check your study program in SIS !!! Please bring your study program on paper or available on a mobile device. Bring also your "Changes of learning agreement". S. Hoskovcová will sign the form at the same time.

Office hours Simona Hoskovcová from 7.10. every Tuesday 13:30-15:30

Department of psychology - information for Erasmus students

Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague
Adress: Celetná 20, 116 42, Praha 1

Follow the actual information on this web before your arrival – we organize an informational meeting for psychology Erasmus students in the beginning of the semester!

We recomend to attend the course Intercultural training, where you get in contact with Czech students.

Please, for your study program do not choose the courses “Excursion” and “Training in Social Interaction” – they have low capacity and you need to speak Czech (the direct experience is not possible to compensate with individual studies). The same is for Psychology of Consumer Behavior and Sales - APS300081 and Management and Economic Psychology - APS30004: the subjects have low capacity and are based on Czech language.

For changes in the learning agreement is our deadline 4 weeks after the start of the current semester. Notice, that for the Erasmus student is the deadline for changes in the learning agreement at the home university important, not ours!


Requirements for foreign students who are interested in studying at department of psychology and who are asking for "acceptance letter"

Student has to fulfill the following requirements: